YouTube Video Marketing has 
Become a Powerhouse 
Lead Generation Tool for Businesses Who Are Willing To Execute 
With a Strategy!
YouTube Key Data Points
Youtube is now the world’s 2nd biggest search engine for more than 1.8 billion people registered on the site to check it daily to watch 5 billion videos.  
Total number of YouTube monthly viewers worldwide 
149 million (Statista)
Total number of YouTube daily viewers worldwide 
63 million (YouTube stats) 

Hours of video watched daily – more than 1 billion (YouTube)

Companies that use videos in their marketing grow revenue 
49% faster YoY according (Abergdeen Group)

More than 50% of YouTube views are coming from mobile devices (YouTube stats)

Total number of YouTube users logged on – 1.8 billion (Recode)

Hours of Video Uploaded to YouTube per minute – 300+ (Om Malik)

Hours spent on YouTube per month – 19 (Business Insider)
By following our proven 5-Step Process for Video Marketing, you'll learn how to create a library of videos that answer the questions your audience is already asking on Google. 

You'll learn the ZM Content Strategy for creating videos that drive more traffic, generate more leads, and close more sales than ever before.
Our simple system will show you the most cost effective way to start making videos without any fancy camera's or complicated editing software. 

We'll show you exactly what videos you need to make and how to upload them so that people will find you but perhaps most importantly...

It doesn't matter how many subscribers you get and you don't need to be "YouTube famous".

To the contrary, businesses that succeed on YouTube are following very simple process of creating videos that align with your sales process to create larger brand awareness and convert new viewers into new customer.
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